1. SAY YES PLEASE! When The Hare Master approaches you to set a run - graciously accept
  2. VENUE. Decide on where the run will start. If it's not from a pub car park decide which pub to go to after. Book the pub immediately. Tell the Hare Master immediately. Don't change the venue unless it is absolutely necessary. The Hare Master advertises the runs on the world wide web. It is worth checking the South West Hash Diary to see if the venue is being used by another hash. Two hashes using the same area at the same time is amusing the first time but gets boring if it happens every time you try and set a run.
  3. THE RUN ITSELF. Where do we start! Follow the next few tips and you won't go wrong. You wouldn't be laying a run if you hadn't already done a few so you should have a good idea of the basics. You should know about checks, check backs, re-groups, long/short divides etc etc. And don't judge a run by your own standards. Remember - you are catering for all sorts: fast runners; slow runners; walkers; old people; young people; Fiddler. The basic idea is to let everyone enjoy themselves and arrive back at the bucket (you should know about the bucket)
  4. THE TRAIL. Much will depend on the terrain. There is no hard and fast guide, but most 'experts' would suggest a trail that looked something like that pictured below.
  In this example, the basic trail is for all runners and the loops are for the keenies who want to do a bit extra. The basic trail could be about 3 to 4 miles (perhaps a bit less when the evenings are dark). The loops could have the effect of adding perhaps 2 more miles. Remember, this would keep the pack together which is what you are aiming for. But there should also be plenty of checks which also keeps the pack from stretching out too far. There can never be too many checks. Use re-groups as another means of keeping everyone together - but not too many, especially if it's likely to be cold and wet!
  5. GET THE MONEY IN! We charge £1 for the privilege of doing your run. So collect it at the start. You should have collected the buckets, cups and clipboard in advance (best to turn up at the run the week before and collect it from that night's hare). Make sure that you write down the names clearly of anyone not on the pre-printed list. We keep precise records of who's done how many runs and we don't want anyone to miss out. Oh yes, make sure youcheck everyone in at the end of the run. 
  6. BEER. Don't forget to buy it and serve it!