This Monday Lactic and Wellie need your help raising money in the lead up to our Banger Rally in October, Vegas or Bust!
The hash will be fun, and will include a live hare section, the run will be suitable for all abilities, so bring your friends and families! Please just bring some cash for donations, something to throw on the BBQ and perhaps a change of clothes in case we encounter some shiggy!
We have a 40 pint keg of Dusty’s IPA, which needs to be emptied in return for lots of generous donations – and also needs to be named!
And as everyone loves dust, we will be selling handy bags of quality, mud-coloured Brinsabach sawdust, perfect for future hashes and raising more funds for our favourite charities!
Stannary Hash really is 25 years old! Hashed up in 2001, this July 18th is our 25th Anniversary Run!

See you all at the Whitchurch Inn, at 7.30pm for Run #1317!

Pay attention all! We have the Hash auction of items and promises coming up on the 9th of May!

It is VERY important that we have as many of your auction items THIS week (2nd May run) as possible so they can be put in the catalogue. Please arrange to get them to Ceased 2 Bee, CP Seth or Waldorf, or at least let them know that you're providing something!

Bring plenty of cash on the 9th - there will be a 40 minute run first as usual, and the proceeds of the auction will be going to Jeremiahs Journey - a Plymouth based charity for bereaved children. We have two great auctioneers, and it really promises to be a fantastic evening!

2016 sees the first ever running of the Buckland Bounder! Knowing the course, this will be a challenging multi-terrain 10k run with a few good hills!

We have SH3 hashers on the committee organising this, so you have no excuse not to support the run on Saturday the 11th of June.

Click here to see the full flyer, or chat up Fiddler for more info!

The legends are true!

Over the weekend at the end of July, Dartmoor is to be invaded by London H3! And Stannary are hosting (God help them!)

Click here to view the event poster, or, as 'Its Fine Bos' is particularly organised - LH3 have a FAQ hosted HERE!