Winter Warmer Weekend is upon us!

For those what have booked, i've updated the diary with both the Grid Ref, Streetmap link, and Google maps, so hopefully you'll all be able to find the place! If not, look up the Dartmoor Expedition Centre, and there are directions on their website!

Whats happening:

Arrival from 1.30pm Saturday, followed by a walk, then tea and cakes

There will be a film & music quiz, Supper provided, Music, Breakfast, and another walk!

Please bring a cake with you, plus sleeping bags or duvet, sheet, and extra pillow!

There are two barrels of beer available at £2.50 a pint!


Ok, note from the desk of your Webmaster:

One or two of you have asked for links to Google maps instead of the Streetmap ones, so, in an attempt to appease the masses, I am going to trial using both simultaneously. So, for the next few months you will find links for both the Streetmap maps as usual, and 'Tongue & Groove safe' maps as well.

Please feed back if you use them - If I dont hear happy noises, i'll retire them after the trial!

- Baaaa

If you missed the river crossing on Monday night, or fancy a chance to watch everyone getting wet, the video is up for all to see!

Click here for the SH3 Link, or Here (and the photo) for a Youtube Link!

Yes, I know we only had one last week, but we're British, and BBQ-ing in the rain is what we do. So, after the run at Gawton, we are returning to the Wood Yard at Gulworthy for another round of BBQ + BYOB!

See you there!

We are firmly in summer time now, so about time we had another BBQ! And as 'Amanda' is just about due a naming, Lactic Galactic has kindly volunteered the use of their farm for the occasion!

Run 1266 is on the 27th of July. Bring your own beer, and food for the BBQ, and then pray for good weather!!