We are firmly in summer time now, so about time we had another BBQ! And as 'Amanda' is just about due a naming, Lactic Galactic has kindly volunteered the use of their farm for the occasion!

Run 1266 is on the 27th of July. Bring your own beer, and food for the BBQ, and then pray for good weather!!

The time of the year is approaching where Wrong Passage asserts her patriotism upon the rest of us!

Run 1263 (On the 6th of July) will be an American 4th of July themed hash - Appropriate fancy dress to be worn in the pub please!

HashMag 1259 is a video edition! Care of 'Undone Down Under', we have footage of Gwithian, Run 1259, and the 2015 AGM!

Click here for the SH3 Link, or Here (and the photo) for a Youtube Link!

Your Hash needs YOU!

Exercise your democratic RIGHT to VOTE!

If you don't turn up to vote for someone else...

They might vote for you!!


Don't be a mug! SHAFT someone ELSE first!!


Voting for the new committee will take place after the run on the 8th of June at CPSeth's place in Brentor.

Bring your own BBQ food + drink, providing the weather isn't horrible! 

I have updated the 2015 GPS Map on the Hashistory page to reflect (Most of) the runs we have already done this year - check it out if you are planning a run, and have a go at planning somewhere we haven't yet visited in 2015!

Click HERE to go straight to the map!